Big haul from Key Largo shoreline clean-up

Last weekend 9 local volunteers picked up 18 bags of marine debris along the Key Largo shoreline. It took us only about three hours. The more than 300 pounds of trash consisted mostly of plastics, including bottles, buckets, bags, cigarette lighters and crates. The rest was metal cans, shoes, rope, styrofoam and other debris that had washed up along a fifty-yard stretch of mangroves just south of Harry Harris Park over the past few months. Our goal was to help keep that sensitive ecosystem healthy while protecting birds, fish and other wildlife from eating or getting tangled up in all that junk. Great to see so many friends and neighbors out there pitching in! Keys Sanitary Service, a locally owned and operated business in Key Largo, facilitated disposal of the debris.

Team OCEAN clean-up, November 16, 2013

Team OCEAN clean-up crew, November 16, 2013

Coordinated by Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary education and outreach team member Ltjg Carmen (Mica) Alex, last weekend’s effort in Key Largo was the sixth Team OCEAN clean-up so far this year. Another is planned for December 14th (location to be decided) and more will follow each month through April of next year.¬†For more information about this important program, email