Hive mind

Tiny scene by our front fence last week: ants hauling a dead honeybee over half-inch pearock, collaborating and navigating and communicating about taking it back to their nest, totally unfazed by a vast jumble of giant ‘boulders’ 10 times their height… and then when they got to the wood fence, they somehow “decided” it would be “easier” (consume less energy) to hang the bee vertically off the fence and shuffle it along that way! [update 7/29/15: recent science on ant behavior moving objects. “The only communication in the system is the forces that [the ants] feel through the object.” – Dr Ofer Feinerman, Weizmann Institute of Science]

Honeybees bringing home the bacon (iPhone shot).

Worker ants bringing home the bacon (iPhone shot).

Crowd-sourced vertical transport

Crowd-sourced vertical transport (iPhone shot)