Information architecture for Biogen Idec

Business challenge
Biogen, Inc. and IDEC Pharmaceutical Corporation were merging to form the third largest biotechnology company in the U.S. (market cap $11,900M, 11/03). They wanted a new and different user experience, but knew that with only a few weeks to launch a new site their options for developing new content and functionality were limited.

What I did
Due to the tight schedule, I had time only for basic user and business research. I relied as much as possible on earlier discoveries by the creative director, focusing instead on developing architecture diagrams and a presentation that secured client buy-in on the site structure. Two intensely collaborative work sessions nailed down the wireframes.

My structure and wireframes held up nicely to launch. The new Biogen Idec site is usable and well aligned with the new company’s brand and business objectives.

High point: coordinating improvements to the information design of Biogen Idec’s “product pipeline,” an interactive graphic timeline and explanation of the company’s drug development process–a heavily visited area of the site. One of my enhancements surfaced key information about clinical trials for drugs that treat multiple sclerosis and psoriasis.

Work sample

Sitemap for "News & Media" page

Sitemap for “News & Media” page