Bye-Bye Ernestine

I’m seeing a lot of Keys websites with outdated, stale content… words and images that apparently haven’t changed in months (years?)… no recent news suggesting anyone is expecting me to check in … no fresh blog comments showing that anyone is there to welcome me… in other words: a lot of “brochureware” – which is fine as far as it goes (better than no site at all), but it sure misses out on the lively, personal back-and-forth, the social interaction that makes the Web hop these days–and makes Google ‘bots happy. (And no, posting regular product and event announcements on Facebook and getting some ‘likes’ is NOT the level of social interaction I’m talking about!)

I’m sure many small business owners are aware that their sites are like billboards, but they’re just too busy doing all the other work they have to do, and it takes too much time getting their computer guy or gal to update content or add a new page, and there’s always a financial cost associated with all that. So I keep wanting to tell them: YOU NEED WORDPRESS! Once a WordPress site is up and running, you can update it yourself–quickly create new pages and blog posts, revise outdated language, update your schedule or menu or product offering or whatever else your business needs to stay current, add images and other media, then click the “Publish” button and you’re good to go! It’s empowering! Your customers will take notice! It’s good for business! It’s Do-It-Yourself at its best! It cuts out “the middleman.” It’s like making a direct call instead of going through an operator!

Lily Tomlin as "Ernestine"

Lily Tomlin as Ernestine, the famously ditzy, nosey “Laugh In” operator.