Web copywriter and content strategist – John Howe

I can help you connect with your online visitors–engage them with your business and make your site easier to find and use. Here’s what I do.


What You READ Is What You Get (“wyRiwyg”)

On the Web, we spend most of our time reading text. We scan quickly, read bits and pieces, click around until we find something interesting. Maybe it’s a photo or a video or a form we fill out, but mostly it’s words we’re after, that’s what we get—we read. Scanning a computer screen or mobile device we’re also reading the navigation, trying to get (understand) where we are and where we can go next. As a Web Copywriter and Content Strategist, I work hard to make both “gets” quick and easy for users.


Other writing

Web copywriting is my main thing, but I’ve also written marketing copy for print brochures, ads, and newsletters, a non-fiction (history) book and feature stories for magazines and newspapers.  Here’s more about all that on another site… >


Let’s talk!

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