Information architecture, Web copywriting for MIT Sloan School of Business

Business challenge
In the early stages of a major site redesign, MIT Sloan School of Management had a huge amount of content on many different sites that had to be inventoried and migrated to a new architecture.

What I did
I inventoried content for five major areas of the site and re-structured several sub-sites, including a highly functional and content-rich Career Center, an online art gallery, and a catalogue of academic programs. I also wrote much of the copy and several news features (see “Trading Room,” right) and created a filename and content tracking system to migrate all the new and revised content to the new architecture.

My copywriting and content management work on this project enabled MIT Sloan to eliminate much low-quality, outdated content and facilitated the smooth migration of revised and new text to a new content-managed architecture.

High point: Untangling a jungle of content and sub-sites that had grown up around the Careers area.

Work samples