Top 10 Reasons to Hire Me

  1. Triple player—I’m an accomplished Web writer and content strategist with much hands-on experience creating information architecture deliverables (sitemaps, wireframes, etc.)
  2. Content janitor—I’ve analyzed, developed and managed content for dozens of sites with hundreds of pages and many different content sources.
  3. Analytics and SEO geek—I’ve worked with Omniture and Webtrends, and am Lynda-certified in Google Analytics and SEO.
  4. Usability zealot—My practice is built on research-based user experience (personas, usability testing, surveys, etc.) and people-friendly, search-engine-friendly content that makes sites and applications easy to find, use, and enjoy.
  5. Vertical veteran—I’ve worked for a smorgasbord of agencies, companies, and non-profit organizations, including Roundarch Isobar; Molecular; Hill, Holliday Interactive; Circle Interactive; Biogen Idec; Verizon Telecommunications; Fidelity Investments; Children’s Hospital Boston; Parametric Technology Corporation (PTC); National Grid; and MIT Sloan School of Management.
  6. Former news guy—As a journalist and former news reporter I know how to do research and interviews, analyze results and summarize and present findings to specific audiences.
  7. Style guide evangelist—I’m big on developing and championing internal standards for grammar, spelling and style.
  8. Team player—My communication and interpersonal skills (I’m a nice, well-organized guy) let me join fast-moving digital production teams and help keep them on time and on budget.
  9. Flexible flyer—I can work out of my own office in south Florida and/or travel to meetings anywhere.
  10. Early adopter—As the editor of the Chippie Weekly Press, I got a head start learning how to write, edit and manage content.